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5 Summer Hacks To Keep You Cool This Summer!

Best Summer hacks & tips for India to keep you and your homes cool.

Oh, God! The sun seems to be angry all the summer. Don’t you feel the same?

Do you wish to know few hacks which can help you tackle the summer heat in India better? We love you way too much to let you suffer the summer heat of your respective place in this beautiful country, India.

The hacks that can save you are listed below:

Doors & windows

This will help you in managing the heat in the house. Keeping windows open during the night will help your home get the proper ventilation.
  Ever dreamt of leading a secret and mysterious life just like our next door DC and Marvel supercool superheroes? This is your time. The trick is to keep your doors closed and a window or two open for ventilation during the day. On the contrary, keep all the windows open during the night.

Perfect curtains

A trick just to make it a little better: Dip the curtains in a bucket full of Ice water or just cold water. Rinse it a little (Just to avoid the droplets of water flooding the area). Put it back in place. Switch on the fan. Enjoyyyyyyy the best summer sleep ever!

This might seem a little offbeat but choosing a perfect curtain can cut down the heat in your house or room to a large extent. Choose white cotton curtains or these 3-4 months of scorching summer heat. This will help in radiating back the heat as light colors and upon that white color absorbs very less heat and keeps it cool for you.

A bowl of Ice

Yes, a bowl of Ice is what you need to beat the heat.
Before you go to sleep, place the biggest bowl (Bowl is what you need, a bucket won’t help, if you were thinking about increasing the effect by placing a bucket. 😉 ) filled with ice-cubes, in front of the table fan or below the ceiling fan and chill!


Pure water is the world’s first and foremost medicine.
Since India has still not reached the position of Cape Town water crisis, you can drink a lot of water and keep yourself hydrated. Along with your home, your body needs to fight the summer heat as well. Drinking a lot of water helps to keep your body cool. Let water heal you this summer.

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