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Already thinking of ditching your New Year Resolutions? Hear us out first!

It’s 2020! Happy New Year!! 🙂

With the New Year, begins a fresh chance for new beginnings. An excellent opportunity to grow! And with this, begins everyone-makes-but-nobody-keeps New Year Resolutions.

While most of us make New Year Resolutions almost every year, we fail at keeping it, and by mid-Jan or early-Feb, we have given up and are back to our old ways. It’s not that we are not disciplined or can’t get any better. We don’t know how to make practical resolutions that indeed have the calibre to work. We aim too high too soon, and in the process don’t end up reaching anywhere. 

It is said that Shoot for the moon. Even if you miss, you’ll land among the stars. However, if you lack the critical attributes required to make any resolution/ idea work, you won’t be taking off from the ground! 

Therefore, today we are going to discuss some pointers on how to make your New Year resolutions work. 

Act on the idea:

Making a plan/ resolution is useless unless you start acting on it. You might read everything about your plan or watch several videos on how to make resolutions work. But if YOU don’t act on that knowledge, you are going to fail. You will be a wise fool with all the wisdom and no will to make it work.

Make believable resolutions: 

Out of the blue, one day, you get all pumped up watching motivational videos and want to better yourself. Maybe you want to lose weight; eat healthy; start saving; cultivate the habit of reading. You have never done it; heck you have never tried it religiously, and suddenly you resolve to lose 10kgs; eating only greens; not shopping at all, etc. It’s highly impossible, and you won’t follow through— reason—you want to run before you can learn to walk.

Instead, make a resolution to lose 2kgs in a month, to include one fruit and veggie in your diet every day, maybe read five pages every day; save a little more than what you did last month. We are creatures of habit. Eventually, your habit will stick, and it will become your routine.

Be specific: 

Vague resolutions won’t take you anywhere. Being specific about your goals is vital. Say you want to change your job or learn a new skill, but you have no roadmap for it- it’s not going to work!

Any resolution you make needs to be specific and requires a roadmap—how will you achieve it. Make a plan, step-by-step process to work toward your goal. This will give you clarity and confidence to achieve your resolution.      

Be grateful: 

I would say it is the very first step in making your resolutions work. Be grateful for everything you have—every single, minute thing in your life, which makes you happy. Oprah Winfrey says, “Be thankful for what you have; you’ll end up having more. If you concentrate on what you don’t have, you will never, ever have enough.”

You shouldn’t be sulking until you reach your desired goal. If you worked out or ate greens today, then be happy and grateful for it. Rejoice every time you have consciously made a healthier, right choice. Being grateful fuels your resolutions with positive energy. It takes you a little bit closer to your goal.

Don’t be a quitter: 

The Human mind is a fascinating thing. Rightly as Osho said “Mind: A beautiful servant, a dangerous master.” Our mind can trick us in giving up by taking breaks or giving ludicrous excuses.

However, remember, taking breaks and calling quits are two entirely different things. You might not follow your resolution for a day, or two or let’s say one whole week. But just because you did that, it doesn’t mean you can give up. Don’t say, “ahh, I can’t do it! It’s not me.” Finish what you have started, no matter how many breaks you take.

Sticking to the routine:

If you have formulated a plan for your goal to work, stick to it. Don’t keep changing it every time you get bored or hear some random suggestion from someone or see some new fancy thing on the internet.

I am not talking about changing the goal; I am talking about changing the plan to achieve that goal. Prepare your plan and get to work. You should only change it when, even after working on the plan, you don’t see any results.


Working on you should always be a priority. And technically you can begin to work on yourself, any day you choose. It doesn’t have to be just the beginning of a new year. Every day is a new day and a new opportunity. Further, consider your goals as work in progress—as a lifestyle, not like a trend which will fade and be forgotten with the changing time.

And always remember, don’t compare yourself with anyone but your previous self. Be better than yesterday in every aspect of your life. Because the best project to work on is YOU! 🙂

Cheers! Let us know if you worked on your resolutions.

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