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Freelancing: A boon in disguise!

Freelancing or Work From Home to earn money online with zero investment

All thanks to globalization for making this world a global village where talents and ideas can be exchanged without boundaries.

According to a survey recently conducted by PayPal, 47% of freelancers have grown tremendously in terms of income drawn through the freelancing work in 12 Months. The industry is said to grow to 20$-30$ billion in the next 5-7 years in India. That’s huge! Isn’t it? 

Freelancing is a liberating word in itself.

Focused on “Free” aspect of Freelancing yet? Let us take you through the magical world of freelance/work from home. Freelancing gives you the freedom to work as many hours you want to. The fun part is that there is no biometrics at your home or coffee shops or parks you will visit to work at. And this is exactly what it means. You are free to work at your comfortable time. You are no longer under a surveillance for particular hours clock-in and most importantly there is no one to deduct money from your pay because you couldn’t work a day or two. FreelancinG is an option open to anyone and everyone, from any and every field of expertise.

India is one of the major and global IT hubs.

Along with the growth in IT sector jobs, the work stress has overpowered the Corporate life. Everyone wants to escape the 9 A.M to 5 P.M (For some it can be even 12 hours a day). All of us need the freedom to do what we love and not being under the sword of timings, corporate work-life, dress codes and the list never ends. Trying to fit yourself in the list? Freelance is like mother nature and it has everything you need, like or might discover a liking for. Devoid of your interests, hobbies, expectations and ambitions in total.

Freelancing is like your key to the treasure of relief, freedom from the clock and lots and lots of money.

Freelancers in India have reported an annual income of 20-60 lakhs which is way more than what your present job or future job might offer? Not a big deal, with a freelance form of work, you can earn as much as you want. However, all that matters is how hard you can work and what you aim for?

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