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#TrendingatTPS Wildest halloween looks right under your Budget.

Halloween trends in India 2018. Go 90's villain this year. Earn free pyatm, flipkart and amazon shopping vouchers with TPS.

These Halloween trends are to sweep everyone off their feet. So let’s go and see the craziest yet most trendy Halloween costume idea and pick one for ourselves. 

Jadoo: The extraterrestrial Diwali!

Halloween trends India 2018. Earn free paytm cash and shop the look.

Trends to spook you this Halloween. Source: Google

Do you remember this little alien guy who became a human’s best friend? This Halloween,

let’s recreate the Koi Mil Gya fun with an alien touch…Oh man! We hope this is not Jadoo waving at us 😛

Run and grab the blue and the yellow raincoat. You can create the head asset that gave Jadoo his superpower with a piece of cardboard and paints. More creative? DIY with cardboard, battery run LEDs and paints.

What about this super easy The Rug Look for Halloween?

Kilvish: Salut to the favorite villain this Halloween!

Halloween trends India 2018

Kilvish to make it spookier. Source: Google

“Andhera Kayam Rahe”, remember this dialogue? Of course yes! Isn’t it? This show made the 90’s childhood a time to remember and which can never come back no matter how hard we try.

For this look, a black overcoat with a “dracula” collar, make up is all you need. Black was Kilvish’s signature and you can’t miss it. The Hair play? Try to get it right by every inch for this spooky look.

Kali Pari: Getting spookier already for Halloween?

Halloween trends India 2018. Earn free Amazon and Flipkart voucher with the Panel Station

Best Halloween trends in India 2018. Source: Google.

How can we forget the Kali Pari from childhood favorite Son Pari show? She was like the Wonder woman of 90’s kids (No offense to the Wonder Woman of Marvel 😉 ) There is none who doesn’t know about her. If you were a Tele soap and Indian Superheroes fan, this is one of the easiest looks to achieve and a witch-yyy one too.

If you have an international taste and want to blend with trends around the world, here are the looks you can try.

Eleven from ‘Stranger Things’: The Strange Halloween!

Stranger things: Halloween trends 2018. Earn free paytm cash in india

Eleven: Stranger things. Source: Google.

For all those who are still thinking why eleven? You will know the magic once you walk down the Halloween party and see eyes popping out (not literally, though).

This look suits every party you might crash in. It is simple yet scary. The only challenge will be to get all the details right. And once, you master it, there is no coming back from fame.

What do you need? Basics, it is:

A vintage dress with a white collar (don’t miss the white). You can easily find it on any e-commerce sites or can just be borrowed 😛

A Book

Pair of socks and white P.T. shoes.

A little bit of fake blood running through the nose and you are done!

A Snapchat Filter. Of course!

SNAPCHAT Halloween look trends 2018. Earn free Amazon and Flipkart shopping vouchers.

The most updated Halloween look 2018. Source: Google

Add a touch of the social media world to your celebrations. Pick your favorite Halloween filter and just get creative. Like the idea?

Here’s what you need:

An account on Snapchat.

In case, this look thrills you and you are not on Snapchat, you definitely have friends who are Snapchat fans.

So? Sorted with the puzzle of what to wear and what not? Awesome…

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