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Must have bike accessories

Whether you are a bike enthusiast or are just using it to commute to work, bike riding is a great way to guarantee you’ll spend little to no money on things you don’t need. Aside from the obvious expenses, you’ll find ways to spend money on accessories instead. There is much to be had, so let’s take a quick look at a few must have bike/motorcycle accessories.

Riding Gear

Buying all of the correct riding gear (helmet, jacket, gloves, pants, boots, etc.) is one of the most essential things you can do as a motorcyclist. If you don’t pay for the right stuff, you could end up paying for the wrong stuff.
It’s up to you to choose which one would be suitable to riding conditions and personal taste.

Crash Guard

Crash guards are essential if your bike ever takes a fall.
Nobody likes to think about crashing, but with crash protection such as frame sliders, bar ends, swingarm spools, and fork sliders, you can minimize your worry. When the unexpected happens it’ll save you from some serious injuries. If your bike is heavy in weight it will support when you lost control and leaning to either side and saves your leg from crushing under bike.

Security System

Security systems are another way of making sure that your bike remains secure from unwanted riders(including thieves of course). Motorcycle security systems range from a variety of locks to sophisticated electronic alarms. GPS tracking can even be had these days. Having a motorcycle stolen is no fun at all, and any sort of security system can help keep it safe. Another option is to add a disc lock. These disc locks will make your bike extra secure and least favorable target for thieves as it require extra time and extra tools.

Mobile Phone Holder

We need navigation while driving bike as much as we need it in car or even more when traveling to new and unknown areas. So it’s almost impossible to hold your phone in one hand and ride. With phone holders, you can easily place your phone on the holder and check your screen for directions.

Helmet Locks

Carrying your helmet around with you is not always ideal. With an helmet lock, you can make sure that your helmet is secured with your bike. Also, there are various types of lock available i.e. a number lock, key-based lock and the latest fingerprint lock. You will have one less problem to worry about with this lock.

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