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The Amazon Sale is just around the corner, and The Panel Station has a plan to gear you up for it

It’s that time of the year again; the time for festivities; the time to get your wardrobe, books, and electronic stash updated.

But hold your horses, before you go on a shopping spree, the e-commerce giant Amazon is raining offers!

The Amazon Great Indian Festival Sale 2019 will begin on Sept 29th and Amazon is slashing prices on a variety of goods—clothes, shoes, cosmetics, home décor, you name it. It has promised ‘never before heard’ prices on the bestselling electronics products. Additionally, several high-end brands, like OnePlus, Samsung, Fossil, and others, will launch brand new products during the sale.

We think it is wise to wait for a few days and put all your shopping plans on hold. Why pay more when you can get amazing discounts, offers, cash back, and gift vouchers. Amazon Sale is just a few days away, and when you buy your desired smartphone, clothes, shoes, or books at a lesser price, you will be glad you waited.

While you wait, we have good news. Oh yeah. I didn’t introduce us! We are The Panel Station (TPS). In case you haven’t heard of us, we are on a mission of creating a community of panellists—people like you and me, who have a voice, an opinion. Opinion on things you use, the brand you purchase, the products you would die for, and the services, which you wish were available. We are here to hear your opinion through surveys, and we reward you for it. And no, we are not kidding.

You can make money, get Amazon vouchers sitting at home. Sounds interesting, right? Well, all you have to do is— take surveys, give your honest opinions, and ta-da…

Hold on…

You have to wait (All good things for those who wait, remember?!)

And ta-da…

You have your vouchers!!

Now you are probably wondering how to do all this. Fret not! It’s super easy

  • Just register at The Panel Station
  • Complete your profile
  • Start getting surveys
  • Answer and win rewards

So start now! Voucher up while you wait for the sale. Also, follow us on Instagram @thepanelstation and Facebook @TPSIndiaOfficial to stay updated on our latest contests, and giveaways.

Happy surveying and happy shopping!!!

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ThePanelStation Team


  • Dear The Panel Station,

    Thankyou for your produced clarifications with as above. Though the above are non-digestive eventhough if I accept the above for a while, my queries are as belows,

    1. Did you ever accepted my any points of requests without having its proof by asking me to send you its relative copy or screenshots?

    2. Please produce/send me the complete details of all those quota full and terminated conditioned surveys with their survey numbers-points-dates for all which, due to a system error there total additional points of 6000 were credited to my account and, furthered my last transaction to redemption dated 11/07/2019 & 13/07/2019 was cancelled and the points were credited back to my account. As being within 6 month of data hope, these data must be lying with you there, and you must not having any problem to produce for me as, don’t you think that I too owe a right to have a crosscheck of my own account also?

    3. With reference to your clarification above in context to my redemption query dated 26/05/2018, kindly note that, it was only your people there on that side who only and intentionally only delayed the matter by asking and sending me the daffy and haphazard queries and replies as if they do not understand the english language am writing to them. I’ve total 28 trollmails in context to it. Please note, I received that redemption under order ID 57722 on Mon, Jun 25, 2018 at 3.05PM and immediately I raised my first request on Fri, Jun 29, 2018 at 10.19 PM, with which my paytm passbook copy was also attached with that mail citing the amount refunded back to you there. And, on July 05, 2018 at 12:56 PM my this request was also forwarded by you there to the concerned team at stagging1, please find enclosed both its copy within the attachment of this mail. And after all, that amount under that order ID, had been credited back to your account there or not? Thus, please inform me why the actions were delayed in its context?

    However, am sorry to submit that, I could agree to you with all your clarification submitted by you above, but only whence the above 3 been sufficed to me at your early compliance before my these 3 raised request cross the eligibilities of data procuring periods of 6 months.


    A Aparna

  • Hi this is karunakariam the user of panel station it was awesome to do survey and interesting well provide for panel station helping for poor student..totaly good thank you.

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