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In the age of digitization, it is true that you cannot separate smartphones and humans. But the inseparable things these days would be smartphones & their accessories. For beginners, only a few can get through the day without their earphones and data cable.

It can rightly be said that a smartphone or desktop accessories are essential in our everyday life. But at the same time, the truth is that a majority of mentioned accessories are way expensive. While rationalizing along these lines, we have accumulated a few cool products within your budget which are under Rs. 500 online.

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And here they are:


The USB LED light is the perfect companion if your laptop doesn’t have a backlit keyboard. At one end, it has a USB connector so all you have to do is plug it to your system to give the required light. What’s more, the LED light can also be plugged to a power bank and used as a torch light or as a table lamp. This handy light is available in various colours. The value of this product online is just Rs. 140 for a set of 5!

You can get the product from HERE


If your Android smartphone is one which lacks a selfie flash, then worry not, we have a nifty trick to solve the problem of dark selfies. Say Hi to the Selfie Flash. The external flash along with a 36 LED bulbs is lighter in weight and can easily be carried in your jeans’ pockets. Just put in 2 AAA batteries and switch it on using switch at top of the ring light.

You can get the product from HERE.


A worldwide travel adapter has to be the first thing to go inside your backpack whenever you are planning to have an overseas trip. Although there are numerous options available out there, but an economical choice would be a Universal Travel Charger Adapter. The adapter also comes with a USB port, so you can easily charge your devices just by connecting to it without the need of a separate power brick.

You can buy the product from HERE.

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Does it sound a tad over-the-top USB fan adapter? Well, in this scorching heat increasing from global warming, it would be highly improbable. The Portable Fan does not contain any blades and runs through a rotor. Hence, this makes it safe to use and reduces the risk of injury if your finger touches the inner part of the fan. The Portable Cooling Fan can be powered by 3 AA Batteries or through the provided USB Port.

You can buy the product from HERE.


Knowing the fact that you can whip up NFC recipes within a matter of few minutes, it’s imperious that you now own some NFC tags to speeding up your mundane work. You only need an NFC-enabled smartphone and an app to write the task to the tag and you are done. The tags can be used for various purposes.

You can buy it from HERE


The five ways audio splitter is a device must have if you want to watch your favourite series among your buddies without compromising on its audio quality. It also comes with it’s own AUX cable, so this is helpful if multiple people are watching a movie or listening to music at the same time.

You can buy the product from HERE.

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