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Tips & Tricks on how to not get rejected


How often do you take surveys with us? Up for some extra money? Who wouldn’t want it? We know that you love to be a part of the TPS family and we love to have you on board.

Many of us keep facing issues while taking surveys. We are going to discuss one in this blog.

How to not get rejected?

This is a very common issue which most of us face while taking the surveys. The frequent query is- “Why I did not meet the criteria?”

So here comes the biggest worry – “Did not Meet the Criteria” after coming halfway through! Why did this happen, you must be wondering! Right? To avoid this, you can follow the instructions below or keep the checkpoints in mind:

1.    Update your profile regularly: The more updated your profile is, the lesser is your chance of being rejected during a survey. This will help you receive more surveys to fill, resulting in more points. Also, updating the ‘My Profile’ section on our website will help us in categorizing you to the surveys of your field of interests.

2.    Fill- in the data correctly: In order to avoid rejection in a survey, you are required to fill- in details such as your correct Date of Birth details, along with gender, email id, contact details, city you reside in, current employment status, marital status, and gross household income and so on.

Note: Avoid filling any kind of fake information such as wrong email address or incorrect contact details.

3.    Clear Cache and Cookies: Clearing cache and cookies help you to prevent any chance of being rejected. In order to minimize this issue, we request you to clear your cache before taking the survey.

4.    Use different browsers: We suggest you take surveys on different browsers if in case a particular link doesn’t work during a survey.

5.    Avoid SNC (Started not completed): Clicking on any link multiple times can lead to SNC. Therefore, it is suggested that you click once and wait for the page to load.

6.    Answer all Questions: Try answering each and every question correctly since there are quality checks at various instances during a survey. This will increase your chance to earn more rewards easily.

7.    Read and write carefully: In case of long and subjective responses, kindly wait for couple of minutes. Read the question carefully and provide your honest responses in every step of the survey.

These little steps are the key to a quality and successful survey complete. After all, honest opinions are what we are looking for!

And the final stage- Receiving Reward points allocated for the survey.

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